The BSA's roundtable training meeting is a monthly training session that serves multiple purposes. The allusion to Camelot's roundtable conjures up images of noble knights assembling to discuss the concerns of the people (Scouts) they serve.

Roundtable is an opportunity for all Scouters to: 
  • Learn more about upcoming activities.
  • Share program and planning ideas.
  • Interact with fellow Scouters who share the same enthusiasm for the Scouting program.

Roundtable is on the 1st Thursday of the month.  The next meeting is shown below.  We hope to see you there!

Oct 04 Roundtable

Yes, a willingness to participate and learn. Although not required, refreshments to share are always welcome. You earn 'Scout Bucks' for bringing something as well.

What to bring Drinks Snacks
Aug, Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr & Jun Cub Scouts Boy Scouts
Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar & May

Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts

What are 'Scout Bucks'?

Scout Bucks are a fun and simple way to recognize your attendance during the year. Scout Bucks are awarded for each meeting you attend. They are used in December at the annual auction. 

Attend Roundtable $25.00
Wear your uniform $10.00
Finish an assignment $50.00
Bring someone to Roundtable for the first time $50.00
Attend Roundtable for the first time $50.00
Bring a handout with copies for everyone $25.00
Bring food or drinks to share $25.00
(Cub Scout)
"Instant Cheerful Volunteer"
(Cub Scout)
Register before 7:10PM


You can contact anyone on the district staff to learn more about Roundtable.

Here are a few names to get you started:

Eddie Wessel
Assistant District Commissioner - Roundtable

Robert Henderson
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Rick White
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Ann Meyer  

Venturing Forum Commissioner