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Published: Sunday, March 3, 2019

The 2019 Neuse River District Pinewood Derby was held on Saturday, March 2 in Knightdale with nearly 80 Lion, Tiger, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts and Webelos participating.

All manner of interesting, colorful and amazing cars were submitted for the Originality and Craftsmanship competitions in each division.  Judging was done after check-in the night before, and it was very difficult to choose!  There were multiple 3-way ties in several groups/categories, so additional judges had to be brought in to determine the final winners.

The Speed competition started mostly on schedule, and went along nicely with emcee Jen Scoggins from Pack 500 keeping everything moving and all the Cubs/Webelos excited.  Her knock-knock jokes got lots of crowd response -- some of which earned a deserved groan.  (Just one example:  Q:  What is the loneliest cheese?   A:  Provolone.)

As Round 1 proceeded, it was evident that all the speed races were going to be close and the winners would be separated by only a fraction of a second.  The fastest car from each Division (Lions/Tigers, Wolf/Bear, Webelos) was advanced to the Grand Finals, their cumulative times reset to zero, and a nail-biting three more race heats took place to determine the Fastest Overall.

Thanks to all the Pack leaders, parents and Cub Scouts that participated, and especially the many volunteers that gave of their time to make the event possible, including (but not limited to):

  • Michael Harrelson, PWD Committee Chair
  • David Harris, PWD Committee/Race Official
  • Scott Schnegelberger, PWD Committee/Race Official
  • Bethie Taylor, PWD Committee/Race Official
  • Jenn Scoggins, Emcee

Congratulations to all of our 2019 winners listed below.!  Each of these Cub Scouts/Webelos received a trophy for their achievement.





1st Edward Piazza, Pack 236
2nd Noah Zalenski, Pack 347
3rd Zac Gordon, Pack 347

1st Cameron Gordon, Pack 374
2nd Gibson Scoggins, Pack 500
3rd Hobson Stuckey, Pack 236

1st Aiden Wisnieski, Pack 5
2nd David Zielinski, Pack 365
3rd Landon Bruner, Pack 3



1st Liam Potts, Pack 374
2nd Benjamin Beatty, Pack 500
3rd Brayden Rochester, Pack 3

1st Gavyn Leathers, Pack 369
2nd Payce Brown, Pack 374
3rd Ezra Phillips, Pack 236

1st Heath Ochsenhirt, Pack 347
2nd Miller Scoggins, Pack 500
3rd Alex Mousty, Pack 365


Speed  (+cumulative times)

1st Kenneth VanHouten, 16.652 sec., Pack 3
2nd Carter Staup, 16.899 sec., Pack 236
3rd Josh Brinkley, 16.960 sec., Pack 347



1st Kaleb Santiago, 16.198 sec., Pack 236
2nd Christopher Pilotte, 16.472 sec., Pack 2365
3rd Eli Dudley, 16.496 sec., Pack 5

1st Sawyer Powell, 16.248 sec., Pack 236
2nd Gavin Fontana, 16.475 sec., Pack 347
3rd Asher Dart, 16.511 sec., Pack 301


Speed Grand Finals
Fastest Overall (3 racers -- fastest from each division; 3 heats)

   Kaleb Santiago, 8.112 seconds, Pack 236

(yes, that's a lighted swimming pool!!)