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Published: Monday, March 6, 2017

With 14 Packs represented, the 2017 Neuse River District Pinewood Derby commenced on Saturday, March 4 at Triangle Town Center.  We were back in the center court of the mall this year, and brought out some new changes to help things run more smoothly and ensure that all the Cub Scouts were participating throughout the event.  We also added Lions this year as an exhibition event, which brought six more scouts into the mix -- a total of 32 racers for Speed, plus another 46 for Originality and Craftsmanship, gave us nearly 80 participants in all.

The day began with judging of the Originality and Craftsmanship competitions in each division, and crew from CBS affiliate WNCN showed up to take some video, interview a few of the Cubs and their parents, and get some photographs of the cars being judged (you can view their short spot at Billy Bell (Troop 500), of 2016 Pinewood Derby World Championship fame, was on-hand to talk to participants, families and passers-by about his experience and give speed tips.  Billy also helped hand out trophies at the Awards Ceremony.

The Speed competition started a little ahead of schedule, and went along nicely with emcee Shawn Noyes (Pack 365) at the helm to keep everything moving.  As Round 1 proceeded, it was evident that all the speed races were going to be close and the winners would be separated by only a fraction of a second.  The two fastest cars from each Division (Tigers, Cubs, Webelos) were advanced to the Grand Finals, their cumulative times reset to zero, and a nail-biting six more race heats took place to determine the Fastest Overall.

Thanks to all the Pack leaders, parents and Cub Scouts that participated, and congratulations to all of our 2017 winners listed below!



1st Finn Morrissey, Pack 347
2nd Christian Johnson, Pack 365

1st Gibson Scoggins, Pack 500
2nd Isaac Northington, Pack 3
3rd Keion Harris, Pack 369

1st Caelin Scoggins, Pack 500
2nd Max Stewart, Pack 3
3rd Isaac Spraggins-Mckinney, Pack 236

1st Craig Totty, Pack 3
2nd Luke Zick, Pack 5
3rd Connor Fleming, Pack 236



1st John Hood, Pack 365
2nd TJ Williams, Pack 347

1st Evan Gardiner, Pack 5
2nd Jackson Ryan, Pack 500
3rd Brennan Glover, Pack 369

1st Sawyer Powell, Pack 236
2nd Owen Spenkel, Pack 3
3rd Christian Cooper, Pack 366

1st Matthew Howard, Pack 500
2nd Aidan McLain, Pack 3
3rd Brogan Burnett, Pack 236


Speed  (+cumulative time)

1 Christopher Pilotte, 16.846 sec., Pack 365
2 Finn Morrissey, 17.038 sec., Pack 347


1 Eli Dudley, 16.349 sec., Pack 5
2 Mason Meyer, 16.5410 sec., Pack 500
3 Evan Bragdon, 16.696 sec., Pack 3

1 Nolan Thompson, 16.424 sec., Pack 303
2 Aiden Henrie, 16.658 sec., Pack 305
3 Colin Wimmer, 16.669 sec., Pack 500

1 Jack Wiley, 16.540 sec., Pack 500
2 Gavin Stevens, 16.680 sec., Pack 5
3 Tyler Gray, 16.686 sec., Pack 3


Speed Grand Finals, Fastest Overall

Nolan Thomson, 16.359 seconds, Pack 303

The 2017 District Pinewood Derby Committee would like to recognize the following people and companies that provided financial and material sponsorship of this year's event.  Their generosity considerably offset the cost of patches, trophies and other supplies and we would not have been able to host this year's event without them:

Words To Live By....

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-James Lovell - Astronaut and Eagle Scout