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Published: Thursday, December 8, 2016

On Thursday, December 1, the annual Neuse River District Awards Dinner was held in place of the monthly Round Table.  This was a potluck dinner event so well-attended that extra tables and chairs had to be brought out!  Many individuals were recognized for their service and sacrifice for the youth of our District

Please join with the Neuse River District Awards Committee in congratulating the following for these awards and recognition of their outstanding service:

Unsung Heroes Distinguished Leadership Citation Distinguished Service to the District

Mike Kuhn Tiffany Ferguson (Pack 303) Alan Scrivner (342)
Rich Richardson Bill Dixon (Troop 374) Tom Hemp
Michelle Freeman Tom Mullen (Pack 365) Jim Burke
Phyllis Brown Brad Giles (Pack 5) Steve Yeakey (342)
Anthony Zielinski Matt Stevens (Pack 5) Robin Robbins (374)
Steve DeGaetano Rosi Rogriguez (Pack 5) Jack Baker (303)
Tricia Keiper Tyler Tibbits (Pack 5) Dan Gorski (500)
Pete Radding John Wiley (Pack 500) Craig McGannon (303)
Brad Thompson (Pack 500) Chuck Wolfe (342)
Angela Meyer (Pack 500) Alan Slay (374)
Neil Barnhill (365)
Will Dahmen (5)

District Award of Merit
Outstanding Scouter of the Year Rookie of the Year

Steve Larson (Troop 374) Cub Scouter: Byron Auten (Pack 5) Donna Noyes (Pack 365)
Michael Harrelson (Pack 236) Boy Scouter: Dan Froelich (Troop 365)
Craig McGannon (Troop 303) Varsity Scouter: David Fisher (Team 303)
Venture Scouter: Donna Cole (Crew 374)

Ex-Cub Scout Billy Bell (previously of Pack 5) was also recognized with a certificate of accomplishment for his First Place win at the 2016 Pro-Stock Pinewood Derby Championships in New York City.