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Published: Tuesday, September 22, 2015

To Boy Scout, Varsity, Venturing Units, Neuse River District:  Hope all of you are excited as I am about the upcoming Cook-o-Ree, October 2,3,4 at Camp Campbell on Kerr Lake!   Now, here's the thing........Apparently we are experiencing a glitch with the registration system.  Not a problem, just an issue we're going to overcome.  As we are getting our final numbers together, just want to make sure we do not mistakenly leave someone out.  We want to confirm anyone that has registered, and at the same time, give those last minute registrants the final opportunity to be included in the count.

So here's what you do.  *EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED*..Or think you have...*OR IF YOU HAVEN'T AND STILL INTEND TO*.........Just shoot me a quick email  with your unit number and final number of scouts and final number of adult leaders that will be attending.  Also, if you have a number that are entering the dutch oven cookoff, that would be great as well!    Others ( far more learned than I ) will sort out the payment issues later.  I just need a head count so we can make final preparations.  

Staff, I need your information as well, please, so no one is overlooked.


You can call me 919-868-1155 with your final numbers.  I'd love to hear from you!

Yours in Scouting......

 -Neil Barnhill

Life to Eagle Coordinator, Troop 365
Brotherhood Member, Occoneechee Lodge 104, Order of the Arrow
Omnipotent Owl, SR-976

Neuse River District 2015 Cook-O-Ree staff

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