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Published: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grow And Share is a non-profit fighting hunger from the ground up™ through gardening education, garden and community building.  They are looking for a unit to host one of their plant give-aways...  This would be a great service project for any unit!  See the request below, and if you have any questions please give Grow and Share or me a call.

Dan Gorski

From Grow and Share:

We're looking for a group that would like to do a giveaway April 13th for about an hour or so, about 2,000 to 3,000 plants max. If they have a few kids, we can have the plants set up and have people hand in a pledge and take their plants. If they have a large group, they could be more selective in handing out plants as people give in their pledge. Some way of gathering donations would be great. We're flexible on whether this is a standalone event, or added to an event already going on. Facilities can be inside or out, and if they want to start early n the morning we can bring plants the night before.

Combating hunger throughout the US is critical during these economic times, and crucial to our future food supply. We are here to encourage US residents to take the time to:

grow some of their own healthy food
become more self reliant
share their harvest with their community
fight hunger by shared food reaching those who need it

We help with supplies to allow more gardeners to bring their gardens to life. We help them to make a difference in their communities. We educate children and adults in the community and assist them as they make changes, grow, and share. The gardeners, their families, and those in need eat healthy fresh foods.

We are able to do what we do — increasing the local food supply by helping more people garden — because you lend your hand.

To join us as a gardener, volunteer, donor, or sponsor, call 1.919.269-5414 or email.

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