March 4th, 2017

Derby Co-Chairmen:

Michael Harrelson, Scott Schnegelberger -  email:
Online Registration: Open until March 1st - Certificates will be ready for all those who are pre-registered.
Late registration will be handled at the mall on Friday night, March 3, 2017.  Certificates will be provided at the April Round Table for late registration.
Inspection and Weigh-In: Friday night prior to race day (March 3, 2017) - from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Location: Triangle Town Center, Center Court (near escalators)

All entrants must bring a shoe box to store your car in overnight.

Please read all the rules regarding height, weight and construction methods.  Just because the car was "OK" in your unit race does not mean that it will pass inspection at the District level.
Race Time: 10:00 AM Saturday morning, March 4, 2017; racers not present at 10:15 AM will be removed from the heat schedules.
Awards: Will follow the last race - Usually around noon, but don't be late.  Racers must be present to win.


Lions* (exhibition only, with recognition)
Cubs (Wolf & Bear Combined)
Webelos (I & II Combined)


Craftsmanship, Originality & Speed 
Each competition will have a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner for each division.
The 1st place Speed winners of each division will compete for an overall Top Speed Trophy.
Each car can only be entered in one type of competition and this will be determined by the Unit prior to registration.
  • Because the Lion program is still a pilot program, Lion participants will compete in their own Division (Lions race against other Lions), and are eligible for divisional recognition, but will not be eligible in this year for overall event recognition such as Top Speed Trophy.
  • It is required by the Derby Committee to have the Cub Scouts register their cars at the primary inspection on Friday night so that race software, judging sheets and participation certificates can be completed by the morning of the District races.

  • The Unit Cubmaster has responsibility to ensure that all racers are present and each car is registered by Friday night.

  • Complete Race Rules are posted
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2010 Pinewood Derby Entries
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2010 District Pinewood Derby
2010 Pinewood Derby Entries
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Registered Units - 2017

3 Rick Bruner
5 Byron Auten
236 Michael Harrelson
301 Bethie Taylor
303 Katie Christensen
305 Cynthia Montgomery
305 Cynthia Montgomery
310 Bethie Taylor
347 Mark Swan
365 Shawn Noyes
366 Carla Yarborough
369 Eugenia Powell
374 Jeff Gordon
500 Brad Thompson / Gary Itenson
625 Joanna Whittacre